Electrical Design Engineering

Eligibility: Degree in Electrical Engineering

The design, engineering and construction of industrial plants involve a multi disciplinary team effort. The goal is to design safe and dependable processing facilities in a cost effective manner. The fact is that there are very few formal training programs that focus on design and engineering of Electrical systems of such big plants. Therefore, most of the required skills are acquired while on the job, reducing productivity and efficiency.

The objective of this course is to provide the delegates the basic knowledge and skills in this discipline to facilitate faster learning curves while on the job.

Key Points of Syllabus

 Introduction to Industry
 Role of an Electrical Engineer in various fields of industry
 Basics of Electrical Engineering.
 Coordination with Other Disciplines
 Estimation of Plant Electrical Load
 Control Schematics for Motor Feed
 Selection and Sizing of Electrical Equipments
 Hazardous Area Classification
 Cable Selection and Sizing, Cable Schedule & Cable Routing
 Earthing & Lightning Protection Design
 Illumination Design
 Sub-Station design
 Electrical Equipment/ System Specification

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